Electrical Inspection Services in Prescott, AZ

How Safe is the Electrical System in Any Home?

It is important for every homeowner to know their electrical system is safe and up to code. When purchasing a home, it is important to have the electrical system inspected before closing on the sale. In older homes, it is important to have the electrical system checked to ensure it meets modern codes and standards for safety. Older homes might have outdated electrical wiring or distribution panels. It might be a good idea to have a home’s electrical system checked after lightning storms where lightning struck close to the home.

What Are the Dangers of an Unsafe Electrical System?

A home’s electrical system is, for the most part, invisible behind walls. It is easy to take for granted and forget about the system unless there is a problem. But, this is not a good practice for homeowners. The NFTA, or National Fire Protection Association, has found that the biggest cause of property damage in homes is caused by electrical malfunctions or small appliances being plugged into faulty wiring. Accidental electrocutions can also be caused by faulty wiring. One way to avoid dangerous electrical accidents, fires, and other problems with wiring is scheduling periodic electrical system inspections. Electric Services can be repaired and updated as needed.

What is Involved in a Home Electrical Inspection?

An electrical home inspection should be done by a licensed electrician. This professional will go through the home inspecting the entire electrical system for problems. An electrician has the training and equipment to make sure all the electrical wiring, systems, and electrical components meet modern codes and safety standards. They will inspect all electrical appliances as well as a Panel Inspection and Wiring and Switch testing. They will make sure the electrical system meets NEC, or National Electrical Code, standards.

Electrical Companies such as S&M Electric include many tests during safety inspections for Electrical Services, including:

  • Testing GFCI, AFCI or arc fault interrupters and other safety mechanisms to ensure they are operating as intended, including surge protection and grounding systems
  • Testing all switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, and light bulb wattages
  • Check for shock and electrocution hazards as well as arc fault dangers
  • Checking all security and safety lighting and outdoor electrical systems
  • Checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for proper placement and operation and address surge and smoke prevention issues
  • Inspecting the home’s electrical panel for correct operation, amps, and labels.
  • Providing a detailed report, including all inspection findings

When Do Homeowners Need Electrical Safety Inspections?

Electrical Inspection Services should be used by homeowners when they are purchasing an existing home, especially homes that are 40 years old or older. An inspection is called for when adding an electrical appliance that will use considerable amounts of electricity or will be damaged by faulty electrical wiring. Whenever a home is undergoing a major renovation or having an addition built, there should be an inspection of the electrical system.

When a new home is being built, or an addition is being built requiring building permits, comprehensive inspections must be performed to make sure electrical codes are followed. A final inspection is required when the work is done.

Benefits of Having Electrical Inspections

The benefits of having an electrical inspection include being sure the electrical system and its components are safe and up to code. An electrical inspection can deal with electrical issues that could pose a danger to the home and its inhabitants. A complete inspection also ensures the homeowner that their electrical appliances and electronic devices will operate safely.

This inspection can identify problems with the electrical system including defects due to improper wiring, outdated wiring, incorrect fuses or breakers, fire or shock hazards, wasted energy, and more. An inspection can also meet insurance requirements for risk assessment. When outdated or dangerous wiring is found, the electrician can repair it. Using the right electrical service is important to get a complete inspection of the wiring.

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