Troubleshooting Services in Prescott, AZ


When the electrical malfunction symptoms start adding up, repair options immediately come to mind. But truly, there is a lot more to an electric troubleshooting service than putting band-aids on problems. This is merely a temporary fix, when in fact, you need us to find the root problem and fix THAT.

Electrical Services are paramount to the smooth running of any home, and when you have wiring issues, bad switches or stripped insulation, other problems are bound to pop up, often more expensive to repair or leading to problems further down the road. So, as a homeowner, when you notice the lights flickering or the loss of power unexpectedly, we take it seriously. We don’t just “fix” the light switch plate. We find out what went wrong to begin with.

Let’s face it. Electrical problems can be hazardous, requiring complete inspections by a Master Electrician. Our team of experienced technicians will inspect your issue, make a diagnosis and fix the problem with your home’s electrical service or wiring. Our all-encompassing measures allow you peace of mind that your lights and electrical products will work correctly and, of course, meet all code requirements.

Define Electrical Troubleshooting

So, what does it mean to troubleshoot the electrical system? It’s simply the phrase given to analyzing the operation of a bad electrical circuit to resolve what went wrong. At that point, we can identify the defective parts and repair the circuit. It could be an easy fix when the problem part can be easily seen, however, in other instances, the symptoms can be more difficult to diagnose. Sure, if it’s a bad plug with signs of burning, we can spot that easily. But, if it’s a problem that only happens sometimes, it can be more of a challenge to spot.

Do I Really Need an Electrician?

If all you’re doing is changing the light bulb (even a fluorescent bulb), then no, you certainly don’t need an electrician. But, many electrical problems are not as obvious to a homeowner. Make no mistake, though, all electrical issues are important for a properly run home. When left unattended, these so-called small issues can ruin expensive appliances, cause health problems for the family or, worst case scenario, start a house fire.

Signs Your Home Needs An Inspection by a Qualified Electrician

If your home is experiencing any of the following, be sure to give us a call for a complete assessment.

  • Appliances that will not power on
  • Lights that flicker
  • Non-working outlets/switches
  • On-going tripped circuit breakers
  • Sparks/shocks from fixtures or outlets

Help For Older Houses

Homeowners of older houses often find their service panel does not keep up with the demands of newer appliances and lighting fixtures. Further, former homeowners may have had wiring repairs or installations done by non-licensed techs, causing circuit overloads. With this in mind, it’s vital to have an experienced, licensed, insured and bonded technician such as we have on staff to provide a service panel review. It may be that you need an update to the service panel to protect the fixtures and the home as a whole. If you’ve added additions, storage buildings, a pool or hot tub, you’ll find a service panel review is necessary as well.

An Inspection AFTER an Inspection

Most home buyers have a home inspection done prior to buying their home. In fact, most lenders require it when a family is financing the house. When the inspector detects an issue with the electrical system, it’s time to call us for a complete inspection of the wiring, lighting, control panel and outlets. At that time, we can offer a solution to get the house up to code with industry standard equipment. We’ll do it as quickly as possible to avoid holding up the closing of the house.

When The Power Goes Out

When you just know you paid your power bill but it’s still dark in your house, don’t worry! The problem may not be as bad as you’re imagining, but you won’t know until you give us a call to do an inspection right away. Our technicians will provide you with a guaranteed pricing quote to safely repair the problem as quickly as possible. After all, they are experts in the field and deal with this type of situation all the time. While it may be a big problem for you, it could be an easy fix for a trained electrician. Regardless of the outcome, our technicians will keep you in the know, providing you with all the options available and allowing you to make the most informed decision possible on the work needed.

About Us:

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company featuring experienced electricians ready to service your electrical needs. With over 40 years of experience, we bring knowledge, experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction to the job. Give us a call to discuss your problems and let us brighten your day.