Electrical Services in Chino Valley, AZ

Chino Valley area homeowners rely on their home electrical systems for lights, powering electronic devices, and keeping appliances operating. While electrical systems generally last for several years without needing a lot of maintenance, there are always times when things will go wrong. Electrical issues prevent appliances and lights from working, and some issues are immediate safety hazards, so call S&M Electric for help to keep your home and family safe when problems develop.

Safety is Our First Concern: DIY vs. Professional Repairs

Many homeowners take pride in their DIY talents, but electrical systems pose challenges that most people are unprepared to handle. The dangers involved in working with electricity can’t be emphasized enough, so avoid attempting any repairs you’re not trained or equipped to complete safely. Here are some reasons to call an electrician rather than take on electrical repairs yourself.

Your Safety is Absolutely Crucial! Shock hazards are a real threat when working with electricity. Even careful DIY enthusiasts miss the details that lead to life-threatening shocks. In addition, any errors could lead to a threat of fires or shocks to family members when they use outlets and switches.

Licensed Electricians are Properly Trained. Every electrician must complete extensive training before they’re allowed to work in our clients’ homes. They understand the complexities involved and have the expertise to recommend the best solutions to all electrical problems.

Electricians Avoid Costly Mistakes. Most homeowners make significant mistakes when tackling home repairs, and that’s certainly true about electrical repairs. Even a minor mistake when working with a home electrical system can result in damage or injuries. Don’t take unnecessary chances—the risks are too great.

Avoid Purchasing Expensive Tools. Although some wiring tasks won’t require a lot of expensive tools, others will. Don’t spend funds on expensive tools. Contact an electrician with all the necessary equipment and supplies to complete wiring repairs and upgrades in your home.

Our team of experts takes pride in providing our customers with quality services, and we’ll always listen to your needs and concerns when discussing options for electrical repairs or upgrades.

Understanding Common Electrical Problems

Today’s home electrical systems are far more complex than they were only a few years ago. However, there are common issues our team sees every day. Here are a few issues Chino Valley, AZ electricians commonly see.

Inadequate Wiring. In the past, homeowners didn’t need a lot of outlets, and lighting was provided by single ceiling lights. Today, all that’s changed. Families use a wide variety of electronic devices that all require charging. Modern kitchens include far more appliances, and those appliances are far more sophisticated than those of the past. That means older homes don’t have enough circuits and outlets to protect and charge devices.

High Electric Bills. Contacting an electrician is always recommended if a home’s electric use goes up without a reasonable explanation. An electrician can isolate the cause of the increases and recommend solutions to bring the bill back to a normal level.

Circuit Breakers Trip Constantly. Circuit breakers are designed to trip in specific situations, and that’s normal. However, when a breaker trips repeatedly, it’s time to contact an electrician for help. Problems with breakers or wiring must be dealt with promptly to avoid fire and shock risks.

Power Fluctuations. Wiring and grounding issues commonly lead to power fluctuations in area homes. Those fluctuations often damage appliances and delicate electronic devices, including computers and home entertainment systems. Flickering lights are a common sign an electrician should inspect your home’s electrical system for issues.

Other problems may develop in area homes. If any indications of an electrical system issue are noted, contact an electrician for advice.

Updating Electrical Panels: Is it Really Necessary?

Even in the recent past, 60- and 100-amp electrical distribution panels were the norm. Those panels typically included no more than 20 breakers, although some of today’s 100-amp panels include far more. However, the overall capacity of those panels is still 100 amps. That’s not enough for most modern homes. Today, most electricians recommend at least a 200-amp panel to ensure there is enough capacity to handle the needs of family members.

In addition, many families are now installing central air conditioning, heat pumps, and charging stations for electric vehicles. Those types of additions generally require an electric panel with more capacity. If you’re contemplating an addition or other changes to your home, a Panel Replacement may well be required. If you’ve got questions, take the time now to contact our team for more information about upgrading your home’s electrical panel.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

While we schedule maintenance and repair appointments to fit your needs, our team is also ready to respond when emergencies occur. Give us a call to find out more about the many ways our team helps residents throughout the region.